The Ultimate predictability enhancement devices

Munchies® devices are used to assist in seating thermoplastic orthodontic aligners or retainers. Munchies® are also used to ensure that orthodontic tooth movements occur as predictably and comfortably as prescribed by your Doctor.

Intimate Seating

Munchies accurately seat your aligners for a truly intimate fit to improve tracking and predictability of your tooth movements.

Orthodontic Analgesic

Chewing on Munchies can provide pain relief as effective as paracetamol or ibuprofen after adjustment of wires or new aligner insertion.


Delivers controlled and symmetrical acceleration through osteoclastic activation.

Intrusion enhancement

Munchies assist your aligners or braces with the difficult movement of intruding your teeth.


Get those teeth (which are not moving as expected) back on track by using Munchies three times per day.

Munchies® & Munchies Maxx

Munchies® perform four critical functions to ensure your treatment is as predictable and comfortable as possible:

  • Optimized seating
  • Intrusive mode
  • Analgesic effect
  • Recapture mode

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Munchies® EPS - Enhanced Posterior Seating

The latest superb iteration of the acclaimed Munchies range

  • Latest superb iteration of the acclaimed Munchies range
  • Medical grade silicone even stronger
  • Minimises tipping and open posterior bites
  • Anatomical design ideal for optimized expansion movement
  • Intimacy of fit allows accuracy of Force Delivery

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Munchies® Maintain

Munchies® Maintain (black) devices have been designed to optimise the seating of clear retainers after your patients have completed orthodontic treatment. 

  • Ensures optimise the seating of clear retainers
  • Maintaining Post-Treatment Position
  • Minor Relapse Correction

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Munchies® Vibe

Munchies® Vibe has been created to rewrite the future of predictability in clear aligner therapy treatments.

Pre order available – expected shipment November 2019

  • Designed to provide significant coronal encapsulation of each tooth
  • Controlled acceleration and optimised aligner seating
  • Helps increase predictable orthodontic movements
  • Deliver specific high-frequency acceleration forces
  • Increase osteoclastic activity
  • Maximum efficacy of force propagation

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Munches® - an orthodontic enhancement device

  • Designed to maximise the accuracy, fit and effectiveness of clear aligner treatment
  • Provides relief from discomfort of all forms of orthodontic treatment
  • Delivers specific force profiles to ensure aligners move teeth efficiently and predictably
  • Provides a regime to recapture teeth that are not tracking accurately: especially, maxillary lateral incisors.